For presenters

Instructions for Presenters

Information for Oral Presentations

Presentation Time

For Plenary speakers:

  • 50 mins speakers: 40 minutes for the presentation and 9 minutes for the discussion.
For Keynote speakers:
  • 30 mins speakers: 24 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for the discussion.
For Invited speakers:
  • 25 mins speakers: 20 minutes for the presentation and 4 minutes for the discussion.
For regular oral speakers:
  • 20 mins speakers: 15 minutes for the presentation and 4 minutes for the discussion.
*1 minute for the connect time

Preparing for Onsite Presentations

Presenters must prepare their presentation in English and are recommended to use their own computer. Presenters who need to use a computer HDMI Display Port adapter such as Mac computer should bring their own HDMI connecter.
Note: The electric voltage in Japan is 100 Volts and that the outlet fits into a Type A plug (compatible with North American outlets).

What to do Onsite

Come to the session room at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled session (during the break before your session). Just in case you have a trouble with your computer, please carry the presentation data in a USB flash drive so that you can borrow other’s computer for your presentation.

Preparing for Onsite/Online Presentations

Please note that the presentation times are based on Japan Standard Time (JST, UTC+9). We will send the presentation link to those who will present onsite/online later. All Oral presenter (onsite and online oral presenter) should access the zoom application when giving a presentation.

Information for Poster Presentations

Preparing for Poster Presentations

Presenters will be provided a W900mm x H2,100mm poster board and mounting pins. The poster number is to be attached by the organizer in the upper left corner of the board. The recommended poster size is A0 (W841mm x H1,189mm).

Onsite Poster Presentation Time

Presenters of poster sessions are requested to be present in front of their own poster boards from

  • Tuesday July 12nd, 17:45-19:15 (for PP14-PP32, PP34-PP53)
  • Thursday July 14th, 18:20-19:50 (for PP54-PP94, PP96)

Onsite/Online Poster Presentation

All Poster Presenters (onsite and online poster presenter) of poster sessions are requested to be answer to the question on online venue website during the conference (from July 10 to July 15th).

Mounting and Removal of Posters

Presenters are responsible for mounting their posters as soon as they arrive at the conference site. Please mount the poster by 17:30 on Tuesday, July 12nd (for PP14-PP32, PP34-PP53) / 18:00 on Thursday, July 14th (for PP54-PP94, PP96). The poster board will be set from morning of Tuesday, July 12nd. Presenters must remove their posters after your poster presentation time.
* Any posters left on the poster boards will be removed and discarded.

Abstracts detail

ICPOC-25 has been postponed to July 10-15 2022 because of the bad situation caused by the spread of infection of COVID-19.

Submission Deadline: April 22 2022 April 29 2022

The abstract should be one page to fit into the A4 paper size (210×297mm).
You can use this template to make your abstract.
The abstract must be prepared both as a word- and pdf-format, which should be gathered in a zip file.

Presentation style

  • Plenary talk, 50 min including discussion
  • Keynote talk, 30 min including discussion
  • Invited talk, 25 min including discussion
  • Oral contribution, 20 min including discussion
  • Poster contribution

Abstract template Files

Abstract system

The abstract submission system is now unavailable. (April 30 2022)